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One (or more) of life’s curve balls


So, Bologna, city of education, red roof tops and fat (folk I think because the food is so fabulous – although they were mostly slim and fit looking).

The plan was to potter, hang out with sis and her other half, take a ton of photos and relax as mentioned. First night went well, see previous post, but then things went a bit weird.

Firstly I had really bad chest pains and was in or near the bed for all of Saturday. Then the ex wrote to tell me the recent histology report about a mole that was removed showed it was malignant. THEN, my youngest sister wrote to say her other half has been diagnosed with prostate cancer….Yes, we are all in our 50s and that says a lot, but all in one weekend?

I am fine now.. The ex flew back before I did on Monday, meanwhile, I contacted all my old team mates in my previous job in the melanoma and skin cancer unit. Less than 24 hours after landing, minus his suitcase, he was seen and booked for surgery! The news is good, it has not spread and he can go back to paradise in a couple of weeks.

Sister’s man is still waiting and we are all hoping for the best news for him.

But, I liked Bologna, loved being with my sister, and put the pains down to the fact that being alone for so long and coping with everything probably just elevated the stress levels. Then suddenly I have no responsibilities, no dog to walk, nothing and in winding down things went a bit haywire.

I feel lucky and happy to have had the break and relieved that the ex can stop worrying too.





Multilingual mingling


Language schools often bring together people from all over the place. Artist sister’s school in Bologna is no different. Last night some folk went out to bid farewell to a Japanese opera singer who is returning to Japan after six months learning Italian (and watching a lot of opera and doing the odd performance). Two Japanese singers, one Mexican student, one Italian teacher, two Aussies that speak Italian and moi!

The common language was Italian, but at times when things broke down, I was asked to translate from Japanese to English so the teacher could put it back into Italian.

Fabulous fun. Fabulous food. Honestly cannot say when I have had better pasta and we had two excellent meals of it yesterday. We were introduce to frizzante, we called it baby prosecco, but it is a white with the tiniest hint of effervescence. So nice.

Today the sun is shining brightly and we are off into the town to see and do more!


Ciao, bella


Somehow I managed to log out and not be able to log back into WordPress, so my absence has been self inflicted.

Uni has ended in terms of lectures, now it is all essays, transition and placements.

At 5 in the morning I head off to the airport to visit my artist sister and her man in Bologna, Italy for four whole days.

The dog is sorted, the cat is sorted, my Will has been done, thought it was a suitable time given it hasn’t changed since I was married.

I am travelling light and don’t plan on spending much.

I will be taking lots of pics though.