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Hooky time


Boy have I struggled with the recent essay – it just wouldn’t happen. I spent days and days on it. Even now it is a sort of limp incoherent mess of ideas but at least all angles have been covered and it just needs serious editing and tweaking…

To console myself I have been using up yarn from my stash to make a baby blanket. It has been a challenge as I do not do colour all that well. I don’t seem to have the knack of combining hues harmoniously, they tend to jar and then I abandon everything.

This time the palette is pinks and purples (not my favs but there are a lot of these colours in my stash). The foundation row is too harsh, but the rest is beginning to work. In fact it has been a good exercise for me and given what I have to work with, is turning out better than I hoped.

I call it the Berry Berry Blue blanket. A picture will be added soon.