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Multilingual mingling


Language schools often bring together people from all over the place. Artist sister’s school in Bologna is no different. Last night some folk went out to bid farewell to a Japanese opera singer who is returning to Japan after six months learning Italian (and watching a lot of opera and doing the odd performance). Two Japanese singers, one Mexican student, one Italian teacher, two Aussies that speak Italian and moi!

The common language was Italian, but at times when things broke down, I was asked to translate from Japanese to English so the teacher could put it back into Italian.

Fabulous fun. Fabulous food. Honestly cannot say when I have had better pasta and we had two excellent meals of it yesterday. We were introduce to frizzante, we called it baby prosecco, but it is a white with the tiniest hint of effervescence. So nice.

Today the sun is shining brightly and we are off into the town to see and do more!



Ciao, bella


Somehow I managed to log out and not be able to log back into WordPress, so my absence has been self inflicted.

Uni has ended in terms of lectures, now it is all essays, transition and placements.

At 5 in the morning I head off to the airport to visit my artist sister and her man in Bologna, Italy for four whole days.

The dog is sorted, the cat is sorted, my Will has been done, thought it was a suitable time given it hasn’t changed since I was married.

I am travelling light and don’t plan on spending much.

I will be taking lots of pics though.





Out of my head


This has been a long, long week of lectures and driving. We are packing all the academic stuff in before placement starts, theatres, followed by an elective surgery ward…

In this long week I have struggled to sleep and have been in a state of high anxiety for most of the time.

My artist sister and my lovely hairdresser/friend both extolled the words of Eckhart Tolle, especially his book, The Power of Now….I had a wee look and listen to him on a YouTube clip and did not warm to his slightly wombat like countenance. (Not that I don’t like wombats, I think they are gorgeous, and think me cruel, judgemental, whatever, but if I want to open my mind, I need to feel it is in the right place and time and with the right person)…BUT, after picking up a Deepak Chopra book for 57p, which was simple and similar to a lot of such writing, I put it aside and gave old Eckhart another listen while knitting my socks. (Yes, thank you, they are coming on nicely, progress picture soon..).

Some of it struck a nerve and reminded me of sessions with the counsellor about not living in my head, which is full of what ifs, fear, anxiety and other unhealthy emotions. The trick is to ‘step out of it’, out of the thoughts and leave them behind. I did some stepping out and in some ways it is no different to the old school ‘pull yourself together’ process, only the imagery is nicer and it feels like a CHOICE.

So I am working hard on choosing to be less worried and fretful and to work down my lists, to be gentle and kinder to myself and allow the blips.