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Farewell to a loved one


farewell bosley_n¬†This was taken yesterday morning with my youngest before our beloved Bosley went to the vet for the last time. At almost 20 he was a significant part of the family, a constant, as step-son said, who was with him through some of the most difficult parts of said step-son’s young life. He created bonds. When the girls moved to England and discovered a step-brother, who in turn had now two younger female ‘siblings’, the gel that bound them was Bosley. He held his own with local cats, kept Juno in line, purred very loudly most of the time and was happy lying on the neighbour’s shed roof. Of late he was blind, deaf and most recently incontinent. The last two weeks saw a huge change so the difficult¬†decision that is fraught with guilt and responsibility was made. I was with him until he went. He was held gently in the arms of a vet nurse who talked softly to him all the time. It was fast and peaceful. I sobbed and sobbed despite thinking I would actually hold it together. It was an honour to be there with him. He came home where the window cleaner dug a grave in which Bosley was placed. I marked it with a small espaliered apple tree. RIP you lovely boy.