Ugg is the word


One of the pleasures of summer is to get up early on a Sunday morning and head to the local car boot. It is 4 minutes drive from home and has been the source of some good finds as well as ideas. It also reminds me that stuff maketh not the home…..If not on duty then off I go, cash limit in my pocket and the search is on.

Three weeks running I have missed out on snapping up fired pots for the garden. They cost so much new that I am determined to find decent ones elsewhere. Again today, I was pipped at the post, despite being there just after 8….

There is little if anything I need and once there would have been the temptation to buy something for the price rather than necessity, but of late I do not part with my 50ps and pounds unless it is needed/will be used/ fits into my mental scheme of how this house might be one day.

One stall had on it a pair of brand new UGG boots, in grey (my favourite colour for slippers), never worn and oh, so fluffy. I walked away without asking the price. Then u-turned. Last winter the fitflop slippers I had worn for neigh on 5 years died. I could not justify replacing them at the time and UGGs were out of the question. I need robust, warm things on my feet in winter and love the natural feel of sheepskin. £10.00 AND MY SIZE. These babies retail up to £175.00, so they were my bargain of the day.  No pots, but a splendid white hydrangea and a pink gaura alongside a ton of tomatoes, red peppers and garlic to make gazpacho, something cool and tasty in this weather.

Back I go now into the heat to cut the grass, weed and then tackle the house. I LOVE having time off and have enjoyed this weekend enormously. Squash later today as well….

Very happy.


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