The week that was


As you have read before, to earn the degree we have to do 2300 hours in placement over three years. At this stage, most of us are working shifts to reach that target before we go back for our final day at uni, and to avoid having to make up time in the summer. I am doing 5 shifts this week and then four a week for a further 4 weeks. That should bring me just over the total.

It is tiring but without the pressure of academic work, much more relaxed and there is a chance to really focus on the fact that in 2 months I will be doing this for real. Yikes.

On Tuesday however, I met with my academic supervisor and the lead for research development at uni to talk about publishing the dissertation. It was a great meeting in that I discovered that they really do support the process and that there will not have to be a massive reworking of the paper. The target magazine was agreed on and now we wait to see what they say.  My supervisor in the meantime has been visiting different hospitals in her line of teaching and claims that she wants me to talk to staff on the stroke unit in one major London hospital and the dental staff in another. She says she has already discussed it with them! That part got me really nervous, but I am not thinking about it as it may never happen….got to get into print first!

On the ward, Sister continues to strike fear into our hearts and smile as she does it! She did sign me off though. I am so thrilled.

On my day off I pottered around the charity shops and got some knitting needles for a new project that is about to begin. This little number x 2 for the children of the lovely L. Can’t wait.  I went to the library and borrowed a book to read just because I HAVE THE TIME…..Em and I are off on a quick road trip to Belgium in two weeks to see Francoise, so I booked the ferry and got 8% cash back.  I picked up Juno from her other home and was given a huge plant pot that might do well in the front garden with a little tree in it….

I have had a stern talking to myself this week about health, diet and booze mainly, and admit that there is far too much of the latter in my life at present. It’s more habit than anything, so I am about to have an alcohol detox. The window cleaner and I love a beer, but he will have to love it alone when he pops over. At least for a few weeks. When my lovely friend from Japan is here though, I am jumping off the wagon!

The election result overnight seems to ad to the chaos of the last few weeks in this country. Everyone seems unsettled. Things are changing, there are policemen and women stationed in the corridors at work. There is discontent and frustration but regardless, I count my blessings all the time.





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