Done and dusted and back to life


I am back, no longer chained to a laptop or computer, checking references, proof reading, editing, fretting, sleeping about 5 hours a night, getting home from the library at midnight. Because….I have submitted my dissertation and it is not due until Monday.


It was handed in on Friday, complete with embarrassing typo on the front page…I could have wept. The hours spent picking over that thing and right there, in the question on which the whole paper was based, a spelling mistake. But then I thought, why get anxious. It is a mistake, sloppy maybe, innocent, definitely, but it is the content that counts……

Before submitting it, I was asked by my supervisor if I would consider putting it forward for publication. The thrill and the sense of pride. I have WORKED on that thing, really put my heart and soul into it. The supervisor got a second opinion from another lecturer, who agreed, and we meet next week to discuss how it can be turned into a publishable article. No guarantees of course that anyone will want it, but what a great experience.

But the loveliest thing is that since Friday afternoon there has been a sense of relief and peace and even…normality.

Friday night we went to the local pub (5 minutes walk) to a Comedy Beats show. It was hilarious, and we will go again. We played pool afterwards, drank rum and walked home.  Today, normal things were done. I planted out a tomato seedling that was getting sad and leggy on the kitchen window sill. All the little geranium plugs have been planted up in two gorgeous glazed pots and now sit on both sides of the front door.  We sourced a new bike saddle for the hand-me-down bike that the window cleaner’s brother gave him. We rode 6.5 miles to a local village, had a beer and sat in the garden, then rode back. The weather was glorious and I haven’t felt so relaxed in months.

I did come off the bike big time outside the house though. The window cleaner did a funny little jump on his bike over a high curb and I for some reason approached said curb at a snail’s pace…..hit it, then as I fell over the handle bars and twisted to avoid landing on my head. I have a HUGE bruise on my butt now…..

Long day shift tomorrow so lunch is made and everything is ready. I am happy with my lot, happy with my efforts, and happy to be back in blog land. x




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  1. The waves of contentment drifting out from your post were almost tangible. If I thought I might understand any of it I’d read your dissertation but I’ll settle for basking in the reflected glory of having a friend who’s a published author. Well done you! xx

    • Thank you so much J. I only just noticed your comment. Been looking at all your work and telling myself…one day there will be time….it’s kept me inspired to see what you’ve been up to. xx

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