Long Days and Nights


Life without little Max is lonely. Even Juno, who loved to keep him in line, has done a thorough search and sniff over the house a few times. Possibly to convince herself that he has actually gone, rather than to mourn his absence…

She spent a few days with B&C who are like her grandparents, then came to me as they are away. The plan is that on the Long Days, she will stay there and on Nights, I can have her as I walk her and have a usual day, tuck her into bed about 6pm when I leave to catch the train, and I am home in the morning when she wakes up.

On Long Days I am getting up at 4:30 to leave the house at 5:15 and tend to arrive home at about 10:30 at night. It is indeed a very long day. But I surprised myself by being really prepared in week one. Meals ready for each day, thanks to a big cooking spree. I got home, emptied the bags, washed the lunch boxes, then packed the lunch for the next day, showered then slept. Uniforms were always ready and I have been trying to keep things as efficient as possible.

This week it is all night shifts…

At the weekend I did something I have wanted to do for months. I joined the amazing local gym. It has an Olympic sized pool, a diving pool – with a 10 meter board….rock climbing wall, 160 different classes a week, squash, tennis, badminton, a running track, cafe, bar and hairdresser! The membership for a student is £39 a month. Not cheap, but I can ride the bike there in about 5 minutes which means I am far more likely to go than if I had to drive to it. I think I could walk it in 15. My membership starts on Friday and I can’t wait. The window cleaner and I are going to play squash, and I can get back into weights. I am actually excited because I miss going to the gym.

We are still waiting to hear about the conditional job offers and I phoned about it today. They reassured me that it will arrive soon, they have just had a few issues with getting them out in time.




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