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Yoga mats, cobwebs and banged heads


Like many in my year, I am struggling as we approach the end of it all and the very scary beginning of life as nurses. There is just SO MUCH to do and I have been outstanding in my degree of procrastination. From lying in bed looking blankly at the ceiling to binge TV viewing. Anything works as long as nothing gets done really…like now. But I do have something to write about and if it is out of my system, then I can concentrate…..

The old bike has been getting out a bit, mainly to the gym/sports/leisure centre. What a fab place. I rode there a few days ago and did a short weights work out and on the way to the bike rack, received a text. The sun was bright in the sky and I was squinting at the screen and the next thing I was aware of was that there had been a mighty blow to my head and I was now on my back on the ground, phone and cards strewn around me. Confusion and pain, why was I lying there and why did it hurt big time?  I felt the old neck crack a bit when I moved it. Sadly not one of the many, many people around came to my assistance, maybe they thought I was mad, or drunk or weird. It turned out that I had walked into the rear of the bike-rack roof which is about eye height. There are two racks at an angle to each other – no doubt to make them look funky – but the back of one was in the path of me heading to my own bike in the other. I felt ill, was wobbly and now dirty, but I tentatively got back on the bike and rode home.

Days later my scalp is tender and bruised and my pride is a bit too.

Today however I repeated the trip, without knocking myself out, and did a 90 minute yoga session. In my true style it was a bit of a rush getting out of the house and I grabbed youngest’s yoga mat from the hall to borrow. All good until I get to the gym where, while thinking how yummy (older) mummy it was to be heading to yoga in lycra on a bike, I discovered a massive cobweb trailing from the yoga mat’s bag….I quickly brushed it off where it clung to my lycra clad leg in a persistent way.  By the time I got into the room, they were all on their backs, breathing slowly. I then had a prolonged wrestling session with the yoga mat, trying to get it out of the bag, quietly, all the while hoping a big cross spider didn’t pop out of it. No beasties, but I felt as though I was disturbing the harmony of the session. That feeling ebbed away as we went through our cow-face, downward dog, child and warrior poses. The teacher read out a message at wind-down time about using the day well and being positive. It was brilliant.

I am now about to take that message on board and do something good today that will make tomorrow better.

Ciao x


Long Days and Nights


Life without little Max is lonely. Even Juno, who loved to keep him in line, has done a thorough search and sniff over the house a few times. Possibly to convince herself that he has actually gone, rather than to mourn his absence…

She spent a few days with B&C who are like her grandparents, then came to me as they are away. The plan is that on the Long Days, she will stay there and on Nights, I can have her as I walk her and have a usual day, tuck her into bed about 6pm when I leave to catch the train, and I am home in the morning when she wakes up.

On Long Days I am getting up at 4:30 to leave the house at 5:15 and tend to arrive home at about 10:30 at night. It is indeed a very long day. But I surprised myself by being really prepared in week one. Meals ready for each day, thanks to a big cooking spree. I got home, emptied the bags, washed the lunch boxes, then packed the lunch for the next day, showered then slept. Uniforms were always ready and I have been trying to keep things as efficient as possible.

This week it is all night shifts…

At the weekend I did something I have wanted to do for months. I joined the amazing local gym. It has an Olympic sized pool, a diving pool – with a 10 meter board….rock climbing wall, 160 different classes a week, squash, tennis, badminton, a running track, cafe, bar and hairdresser! The membership for a student is £39 a month. Not cheap, but I can ride the bike there in about 5 minutes which means I am far more likely to go than if I had to drive to it. I think I could walk it in 15. My membership starts on Friday and I can’t wait. The window cleaner and I are going to play squash, and I can get back into weights. I am actually excited because I miss going to the gym.

We are still waiting to hear about the conditional job offers and I phoned about it today. They reassured me that it will arrive soon, they have just had a few issues with getting them out in time.



50 Hairs of Grey


Rain has prevented our walk this morning. It is coming down hard and Juno will barely poke her nose through the cat flap and sigh. The only thing that gets her out in the rain is a nature call. Even Max, who is oblivious usually to being wet, shot right back in after a whirlwind turn of the garden. Things have gone quiet now after a tumultuous wrestling match between them that began in the kitchen and worked its way up the stairs to the best wrestling zone in the house…MY BED. 50 hairs of grey indeed, all over the duvet.

I wonder if the neighbours think I have a particularly athletic lover? The growling might worry them though.

Anyhoo, the library calls, the dissertation calls, as does another essay, a workbook, the remains of the portfolio and all that passing a degree entails. But the uni library is not the only one that calls today. Popping in to sort out a travel card at the station later to help reduce the horrendous cost of fares to London for the next 15 weeks, and will nip across the road to the local library.

I have my eye on a book and after looking at the ‘used’ price on Amazon, searched the local library for it and they have a copy. Woohoo. Not spending again.

Enjoy your day people. x





Another pancake morning


On days ‘off’, no uni, not going to uni, no shifts, etc. I tend to cook breakfast. I tend to cook most days if a boiled egg is cooking, but on these days I make sugar-free pancakes. How smug does that sound? Wholemeal pancakes with fake sugar is really what they are. They have raspberries in them too. But they set me up for the day due to their slightly rubbery texture. Yum.

Then I make my own version of a latte and ‘just have a look’ at my emails. About 2 hours later I can be found drooling over the streamlined interiors of trendy terraced houses, reading crochet blogs, sad fact but it is a thing for me, and the most addictive of all? Money saving/making/frugal living/minimalist blogs.

I am more than a little interested in minimalist methods of living, saving, upcycling and all that. I see myself in yoga pants and a crop top doing bendy poses on a mat, safe in the knowledge that there is nothing in my house. Or should that be nothing in my house that is not beautiful and useful to paraphrase William Morris. (His house was stuffed full by the way).

I plan no-spend days and months, which I forget as I hand over my student discount card at the Co-op when buying my fave tipple, prosecco. Oops. ‘Tomorrow is another day’ comforts me then. When the window cleaner says he will pop in after work and I offer to cook as that is the cheaper option than dining out, I go mad with ingredients and blow the budget. At least he brings the booze.

This morning I read and followed on this blog, another zany singleton’s experience of struggling with her financial lot. I thought I too would start my no spend month as it is the first of March and as most of my budget will go on train travel to London this month, things will be tight.

Then the niggles of self doubt and the reasons why it might not be doable after all started surfacing. My priorities are all over the joint. I have academic work to get on with and procrastinate constantly. There is cleaning to be done and lots of unfinished moving house related sorting out. My four legged friends need their walk (I need their walk – we love it). The cat needs to be groomed – he gets lumps in his fur as he can’t groom himself well any more.

The pancake is gone, the coffee is cold and this table is a trash heap. What these successful bloggers tell us, well hidden in the humour and self deprecation is that it is BLOODY HARD WORK committing to anything and even harder sticking to it. It takes real effort, drive, focus, energy and a true desire to change the way one lives.  I want to do it, but is that enough?

This month my goals are modest. To be honest about the habits I want to break and change. To look after me better (health, mind, body). I seriously need to drink less. It is just a habit not a pleasure most of the time.  To reflect a little on the choices that got me here and accept that not all were good. To respect what I have and to live well within my means.

Here goes xx