communication and cold


Youngest has texted saying she appreciated the space and will come down after I have been to Belgium. Very happy.

The trip is on Thursday and the weather looks grim. Francoise called on Sunday to remind me to bring some fabric and a pattern we bought together years ago as we may as well sew she said. Could I find it – in fact some of my antique Japanese fabric has gone missing too. Just wonder if I was too enthusiastic about donating stuff when I moved in here.

Fortunately I did find a piece of linen mix fabric in a very conservative navy – (boring grey/navy really) and have ordered a suitable pattern to take.

My frugal month is not going so well. Food – wise, very happy. I have bought a blouse through Quidco and got cash back on it and my ferry ticket. But the heating has gone…why does heating go in January??

The boiler is in the loft and I have dutifully downloaded the manual, climbed up there twice tonight, reset it etc, etc and despite groaning and moaning coming from it, nothing.

So it is cold, colder than usual in this house. I am rugged up and have a hot water bottle if needed.

I guess what I am not spending on silly things will come in handy when the plumber calls!!




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