A little brighter


Happy New Year to one and all and may it be one you look back on with happy memories.

That last post was a bit of a moan, so sorry, but life gets that way.

The holiday was good over all. New Year was spent here with the window cleaner and the dogs because our plans to join friends fell through when hubby was called in to work and wifey was not a happy girl and decided not to party!! At midnight however, there was a flurry of fireworks over the trees on the green and it was really pretty.

We had drinks with some of my friends on New Year’s day, after a morning of him painting and me studying.

Today it felt much more like a new year. Sunshine, crunchy frost, an early start for me and a good few hours on the exam. I  also looked at the contents of the fridge and have decided to work my way through all the bits in there before buying more food and that means a LOT of courgettes, broccoli and cheese over the next few days….

My financial situation took a nose dive with the dogs and cat costing as much as they did just at Christmas and the end of my ‘pay’ period.

Youngest heads down on Wednesday from Manchester and as much as I love her,  her moods can put huge pressure on the house. She is on new meds and says she feels better but is still struggling. It has been her choice to not be in contact for the greater part of four months other than sporadically. However, when we caught up in Manchester she was quite forthcoming about some of the things that had been going on in her life. I worry all the time but cannot live her life for her. We have a plan though, to drive to Belgium to see a dear friend and both of us are looking forward to that.

The dogs and cat will have to be cared for by a kennel but that is the cost of pets. So with a trip and pet care I am starting the month with great financial restraint.

I am hoping that I can continue that way for as long as possible too as this year my allowance will stop and there will be a gap between then and when I can actually earn money.

A trip to Australia is on the cards to see my parents and in the next 8 weeks a weekend somewhere in Europe to see my sister and her partner who will be travelling there.

All big expenses will be paid for early to get the cheapest deal and through the cashback site, Quidco, which I use more and more.

I don’t have the discipline of some, but recognise that I can try harder.

Oh, and yes, I am doing a dry January …. at least while in the UK!!







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