embracing braces


I got braces on my teeth last week. The fixed wire type, which fortunately are sort of tooth coloured, although the orthodontist wondered if I wanted coloured rubber bands….NO thank you.

Months of odd mouth movements – probably stressed related – ok, definitely stress related, pushed my front bottom and top teeth way, way out of line. To add insult to this, the jaws have been propped apart for some time and this means no chewing on anything.

It is not a nice feeling, having a mouth full of little sharp bits. Worse that I cannot even chew a ribbon of pasta….I am doing the boa thing and swallowing a lot of my food whole!

So, soup and sloppy food. Today it is all those crunchy carrots bought to snack on. They are going to be carrot, potato and cumin soup. In fact anything that can be cooked with some stock, garlic and seasonings is turning into soup. Great way to rid the fridge of old bits of veg.

Two days after the tooth event, the window cleaner and I did a dance workshop. Three hours and 15 moves later I was exhausted, mentally. So much to remember. I liked it but all the time hankered for my home, my study books and time to knuckle down. Exams are looming and these are the biggies.

I work tonight and despite it being glorious dog walking weather, they are snoring on the sofa while I sneak a break from the books to update the blog and check on the soup.

Enjoy the sunshine if you have it.





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