The art of letting go


We are more than 10 months into the separation and I would say that at least three times a week, sometimes three times a day (6 times today) there are emails from Paradise. They are usually tasks for me, questions that anyone with common sense and Google could answer, favours to ask and in the early days, moaning and anger.

I want it to stop. The old house has tenants now, there is an agent managing the place for him, but they and he were at me today….I have been on my feet for 12+ hours, driving for two, have come home to a shredded cat bed and some doggy doo that did not make it onto the training mat, tired, hungry and a bit flat. And SEVEN emails from him and the agent all about something a few calls could sort out were waiting.

What is worse is that he has mentioned coming back next week to sort out one or two things. I do NOT want to see him and if he dares ask that he can stay here, the response will be swift and to the point.

It has to come to an end, he has to let go. I am not his friend and am definitely not his PA.





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  1. He needs to let go and you need to say no! What if you setup an automatic email reply saying that you are only checking emails once a week or redirect the specific ones so you are only rarely confronted with the stuff?
    Since I stopped checking mails after 6pm, I’m a much happier person and sleep better.

  2. I agree with SlowRunnerGirl. Tell him that you will no longer act on his behalf and that future emails will be ignored. Write to the agents and tell them that any concerns should be addressed directly to Paradise.

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