Monthly Archives: October 2016

In bed….


with a foul cold. It started with one of those irritating one sided sore throats. By the time I had made the drive to the hospital and started the shift yesterday I was sweating, my nose was streaming and my head pounding. Two of my patients were in protective isolation, at risk of infection due to low immunity. It was agreed that I was not welcome on the ward and I came home.

Since then I have only ventured from the bed or sofa to feed the pets, walk them in the garden, (Max does not seem to understand the complex notion of the pet flap…he watches the other two, is gently guided through it time and again and still will not operate the thing alone…), make tea and take regular analgesics.

Today is no better. I am impatient, always have been. I figured if I had one day out I would be better today. No such luck. It even hurts to read so it is lots of dog napping – literally, one in the crook of my knees on the duvet and one in the crook of my back. Warm puppies, ┬ánice but they do fidget.

All notions of doing a bit of crochet, or study, or even MOWING THE LAWN, have died. Time to resist the urge to keep going and to give in and rest.



Knock, knock


pineapple-doorknockerThe new front door is now in situ, complete with it’s swish new pineapple door knocker. I bought this because my sister got me into pineapples when I was in Australia last year, and because on doing research, discovered that they are a symbol of hospitality and were very popular in Victorian times.

I want people to feel welcome and happy when they come to my home.

Last night my lovely step son visited, he flies back to Oz on Monday. We had a meal out (thanks to my student card we saved a ton on it as well…). He met the window cleaner. I was a bit loathe to bring the two worlds together but it all went swimmingly.

We have walked the dogs today in glorious autumn sunshine and now it is essay time.




The art of letting go


We are more than 10 months into the separation and I would say that at least three times a week, sometimes three times a day (6 times today) there are emails from Paradise. They are usually tasks for me, questions that anyone with common sense and Google could answer, favours to ask and in the early days, moaning and anger.

I want it to stop. The old house has tenants now, there is an agent managing the place for him, but they and he were at me today….I have been on my feet for 12+ hours, driving for two, have come home to a shredded cat bed and some doggy doo that did not make it onto the training mat, tired, hungry and a bit flat. And SEVEN emails from him and the agent all about something a few calls could sort out were waiting.

What is worse is that he has mentioned coming back next week to sort out one or two things. I do NOT want to see him and if he dares ask that he can stay here, the response will be swift and to the point.

It has to come to an end, he has to let go. I am not his friend and am definitely not his PA.