I have clean windows.


Dogs, cat and I are settling nicely. Placement is fast paced and interesting. This week the Window Cleaner, the Hairdresser and I are going dancing again.

The Window Cleaner is more than the Window Cleaner.  The man for years, more or less anonymously, cleaned the windows and left his tiny slip of a paper invoice as a reminder. Of course he was not anonymous, but he was only really apparent by the slip of paper. Until that is that one day he had to be let go because I was moving out. And that led to a conversation and a sad revelation from him. He was very down and I gave him a coffee and listened.

A few weeks and some exchanges later about windows – he asked me out. He took me dancing. He has ladders on the roof of his car and buckets in the boot. We click. We are both in our fifties. We laugh a lot and talk even more. We like the same things. He cleaned my filthy windows – despite my protests that in lieu of curtains and blinds – they provided an element of privacy….

It is far, far too early for love and all that. In fact this is not what I wanted, was looking for or expected. It is however rather nice and there is no pressure for me to be any other than myself. I can set my own boundaries, he has his. I have my life and he has his as well. Sometimes we overlap, just like a Venn diagram.

On the money front it has come to pass that there is no longer the safety net of the joint account. That every penny must be accounted for. Tonight I started a budget based on a template from Cait Flanders – best be prepared. The work over the summer netted me some extra that has been saved and I have two days work this week as well.

In a month or two it will be clear what I am up against but will be tightening the purse strings from now on.







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