Monthly Archives: September 2016

I have clean windows.


Dogs, cat and I are settling nicely. Placement is fast paced and interesting. This week the Window Cleaner, the Hairdresser and I are going dancing again.

The Window Cleaner is more than the Window Cleaner.  The man for years, more or less anonymously, cleaned the windows and left his tiny slip of a paper invoice as a reminder. Of course he was not anonymous, but he was only really apparent by the slip of paper. Until that is that one day he had to be let go because I was moving out. And that led to a conversation and a sad revelation from him. He was very down and I gave him a coffee and listened.

A few weeks and some exchanges later about windows – he asked me out. He took me dancing. He has ladders on the roof of his car and buckets in the boot. We click. We are both in our fifties. We laugh a lot and talk even more. We like the same things. He cleaned my filthy windows – despite my protests that in lieu of curtains and blinds – they provided an element of privacy….

It is far, far too early for love and all that. In fact this is not what I wanted, was looking for or expected. It is however rather nice and there is no pressure for me to be any other than myself. I can set my own boundaries, he has his. I have my life and he has his as well. Sometimes we overlap, just like a Venn diagram.

On the money front it has come to pass that there is no longer the safety net of the joint account. That every penny must be accounted for. Tonight I started a budget based on a template from Cait Flanders – best be prepared. The work over the summer netted me some extra that has been saved and I have two days work this week as well.

In a month or two it will be clear what I am up against but will be tightening the purse strings from now on.







Summer gone – almost


On this chilly wet afternoon, I am in bed with two very sleepy pups – oh yes, there is a new man in our lives now called Maximo….he is reputedly a JR/Chihuahua cross but we are waiting for the JR to appear. He is delightful and I am a little besotted. He is also more ‘dog’ than Juno, who really is just a hairy princess – demanding, self centred and when she is in the mood, adorable.  

Maximo’s arrival came in the midst of one of the busiest toughest, most exciting, challenging, rewarding and happy summers to date.

My wonderful friend who lives in Japan came to stay for a couple of nights. Em was here too and we had a blast. We went running and I managed 3k. They are super fit and fast so did it with ease. We walked into town, we talked and laughed. We sat in the garden with friends, their kids and the dogs and ate chocolate cake and DIY Eton Mess…ingredients supplied – you do the work. We drank wine and talked even more, about the things that only good friends really talk about.

The girls went to Japan and came home with Granny who took the new house, its peeling paintwork, the scaffolding outside (all the gutters and sofits were being replaced) in her stride.

I was asked out on a date! Didn’t see that one coming, at all. He took me to a dance class, he is brilliant at it. The lesson was so much fun that I then took Granny, Hannah and my lovely friend Dawn to one and now I am a little bit hooked!! So is Dawn…and we are getting better. Dawn has also introduced me to Northern Soul…..

I ordered a new front door and have been slowly painting the smallest bedroom. Another lovely friend’s husband constructed a bed in there for me – I know some great people – and will put cupboards under it once the room is done.

After a few valiant attempts to watch films on my old laptop – I gave in and bought a TV. Now that it is here, I do not watch it much, but the girls will.

The girls went back to uni life and that meant two seperate trips, to Preston one weekend, then Manchester. Both of them are out of halls now and have great places to live.

Uni started for me again and it has been brutal. In less than two weeks we are all going into an area of acute care and we are being pushed to our limits, but I love it still.

I have missed blogging but just did not have the space, timewise or mentally to do it.

Hope to be back with more soon.