In a week


Exactly one week ago I slept for the first time in my own home. That sounds so amazing, so unreal and I am one incredibly fortunate woman.

The first night, the old cat came too and although the plan was to leave him in his familiar surroundings for as long as possible – I still haven’t cleared the old house and go there daily – I thought no! He is as much part of this as Juno and I am.

In the throes of moving on the (at the time) the hottest day of the year, my wonderful step son showed up en route to visit a granny up north. He is back from Australia for a few weeks before heading there again. What a delight to see him after a year. What a great young man.

It was a big, busy, emotional, exhausting day. I celebrated by having a BATH. Luxury after years with only a shower.

Then the three of us slept in one room, the dog in her bed beside mine and the cat under the bed as he was a bit scared. We have no blinds….so it was an early start but oh the sense of peace.

bosley first morning

It has not all been peaceful since, it has been a hard slog as the last little bits get sorted. Today all his stuff went into storage. The old garden furniture went to the tip. More bits were brought here and there is STILL stuff to sort out. I am afraid my girls who are both in Japan now got a cyber bollocking for not clearing out their rooms. I am not sure what part of ‘we are moving out and you need to pack up ALL your stuff’ got lost in translation because very little happened.

But in the grand scheme of things I cannot really complain. I have a home, I have no mortgage, I have Internet, I have a garden, I am happy and blessed and in six days from getting the keys the living and dining rooms changed so much….

Lovley LE on the job in the living room before, during and after….

The dining room – with my little Irish Friend and baby S and then after.

Of course it all looks serene with nothing in it, sadly it is filling up!

The first quotes have come in for replacing the guttering which is hanging by a thread and for a pet flap in the french door (only place to put one). I need a new front door too as this one is rotten, is not secure and is not insurance compliant. Those three items take care of almost my entire budget for short term improvements. But done they will be and the rest will have to be saved for.

Tomorrow I have clinical training all day. A break from the house and the labour.





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