Wonderful friends


I love my friends. When LE turned up she had five buckets of paint and two of base-coat and a tub of filler for the many, many holes and dents and gouges, and an impressive collection of rollers, brushes, trays and tools.

I had innocently imagined more of the wall scrubbing, but she was having none of it. We got the huge TV off the living room wall (not shown in picture but it was an eyesore). Curtains down and the lace ones into the wash….The poo brown ones went to the tip….sorry but dark brown curtains in a shady room = gloom.

The first few swipes of base coat on the wallpaper resulted in it bubbling (we had decided to paint over it as it was a very smooth surface), which meant it did not like moisture, so with damp cloths and scrapers we had it all off in about 20 minutes.

Within 5 hours with time for a tea break in the garden, the living room and dining rooms were done, TVs removed from walls, a kitchen cabinet removed, everything tidied and the car packed up with stuff for the tip. LE taught me a lot about decorating and I want to know so that I can do as much as possible myself to save money.

It looks like this now:

living room - after

That fan light will come down at some point…

But, the smell of fresh paint and the extra light the colour brings has lifted the space so much.

LE’s fab hubby and his work mate will be at the house today doing more painting as I take youngest to Heathrow. She is off to Japan to see her Dad, Granny and sister.

This weekend is going to be the toughest yet as my furniture is being moved on Monday and there is so much to prepare in the old house for that. I forsee many, many trips back and forth….








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