first impressions – two varieties


The dog came with me today to hang aound as I worked and within minutes we had locked ourselves out of the house and being a terrace, well that’s it….there is no other access than the front door.

I troubled the neighbours to see if there was any way I could get over their back fence into my garden as luckily the back door was open. Well, the dog shot into their house, up the stairs, bounced on the bed, ran down into the living room, bounced on the sofa when the husband invited her for a cuddle and nipped his NOSE. I could have run away, and wished the ground would swallow the bloody dog up. Mr Neighbour was loving it, being a massive JR terrier fan, and told me his own late dog had sliced the side of his nose open with its teeth…I am not happy with that tale nor with Juno, so she is in Coventry today.

Anyhow, he said that I could use their garden bench as a leg up over the fence – but it was wobbly and the fence about 8 feet high. I had to ask him to hold the bench for me and as I scrabbled and managed to lift my leg over the thing, I remembered I was wearing my ‘gardening’ jeans – a big hole in each inner thigh…..however, by this time all hope of coming across as a nice person to live next to had long gone and I just slithered down into my side.

Of course I still had to go and get the dog who was being told ‘you are welcome here any time young lady’. Really??  Thank heavens for nice people.

In the meantime, first impressions of the house on getting the keys yesterday were that it is very, very run down and frankly,  very, very dirty.

My Little Irish Friend and her baby came with me and we agreed not to put the baby down!!

Here are some shots of the living room (red flowers) and main bedroom.


The garden is lovely and today I potted up some petunias and lobellia in two lovely strawberry pots that had been left there.

And I scrubbed walls. You could see a huge difference. Tomorrow my lovely fit friend LE comes to help prepare more walls for painting…..








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  1. I hope you’ll be very happy in your new home. How long until you actually move in and have visitors to stay? Can paint in exchange for b&b!

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