This is it….


This is the front of the house that will be my new home. As it is, I have not yet received the key and the list of things to do is growing….and of course it will take time to make my mark.

Moving is very expensive as I am discovering. But thanks to a google search and a brilliant site called I have a checklist of just about everything that must be done.

Addresses have been changed, mail redirected, phone line set up – well,  it will be in 2 weeks – broadband, water, council tax, DVLA stuff, home insurance are all done. Still have set up utilites and a few other things, but it has been a good exercise and very satisfying to check off the list as I go.

You can see there is a chimney and there is a fireplace that has been blocked in. Apparently there is no problem with the chimney/flue (still learning about this stuff) but this is a smoke free zone. I have always hankered after a house by the sea (a girl can dream still) and a house with an open fire, so was delighted with this feature. As it turns out, some phone calls to the Environmental Services at the local Council reveal that I can indeed have a wood-burning stove installed, as long as I compy with the DEFRA rules. There are literally dozens of options and once settled I plan to start saving like mad and install a wood-burner.

Many of you know that I follow Frugal Queen and she and DB are champions of this type of fuel/heating and it struck me that there could be great savings made after the intial layout.

Emotionally it is becoming a reality that this is where I am going to be for some time. The last few weeks have been very hard, clearing this place out. Eventually I got the woman who is going to be the letting agent for Him in Paradise and who will manage the house for him to come and see it. We are friends (the lady and I), having worked together for some years in the industry. She told me to stop fretting and that it looks great – and to leave the rest to her and her team. I nearly cried with relief.

Now I am at the stage where there are lots of little annoying things lying around that don’t really have a category (other than tat) that need to be sorted.

Once we get the keys on Tuesday and I have had time to see it empty and decide on what fits where we will move some things in as we clean….

It’s going to be a helluva week.

the house (2)


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