a matter of days


So, the long, difficult, emotional, expensive and very, very stressful process of finding a new home has become a legal reality. I now own a house – that needs much work and a great deal of getting used to, but, I own it, although do not get the keys until July 12th.

A friend told me today she cannot wait to get inside it and start painting, another has told me she is on standby with her steam cleaner. They are excited and full of ideas and oddly I feel a bit numb.

I am still emotionally detached, having not allowed myself to dream or plan or even think about it too much incase it all fell through. Even now I think I must temper any glee because there is SO MUCH to do and I have frankly, very little money left.

From the charity shop we picked up an Ikea sofa bed, its a bit hard but it is sturdy and plain, oh so plain, and it will enable the new living room to be the ‘fourth’ bedroom which we are losing. My lovely stepson is due home from Oz and Japanese granny is visiting too next month and it will earn its price tag (about 20% of the retail price).

Oldest is now back in Japan for nearly six weeks and I have youngest here with me until 15th July when she heads off for 2 weeks. (Youngest is now a platinum blonde – odd on a Japanese/Aussie but actually really cool…)

The plan is to clean and paint the new place to freshen it up then to live there while I budget and plan and prioritise what needs doing.

When we get the key I will put up some pics of how it is now and hopefully be able to post pics of the changes as they happen.



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