Cracks appearing


Last weekend I worked two long days. On Monday I drove to Preston to help oldest load up her stuff for storage and clean her flat. We did that on Tuesday in dreadful heat. Late in the afternoon I arrived in Manchester, stayed the night and then collected a pile of things from youngest’s room.

The drive home took 7 hours in appalling traffic, storms and roadworks. I then worked three long days in a row.

On Sunday lovely friends came down from London to cast their expert eye over the house that I hope to move to. The survey had flagged up some issues, and despite the amount of mostly cosmetic work needed, it was deemed a solid house. We met the neighbours and it all started to feel like it might actually happen. (Contracts are signed).

BUT the buyers of the flat (which must sell to top up my money) have decided to investigate what they feel is a discrepancy with the land title – without the input of solicitors, and have put the exchange date on hold. So far I am close to £1,000 out of pocket with fees for surveys, solicitors, conveyancing etc and the buyers could pull out at any moment with no penalties.

Both my dear friends said on Sunday that I looked stressed and exhausted. It is just how I feel. This has been such a hard few months. Placement finishes this week and there are still more things to do about the academic side of things. The days ahead never seem free of lists and jobs and cracks are definately appearing!!

Whatever the outcome, it will be dealt with but it will be hard to come this far to be let down literally days before exchanging.







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