A house is not a home…


so they say. Today I looked at FIVE of them with my Little Irish Friend. It’s a mugs game. I have a budget, which means, I have a budget. However, houses don’t have prices, they have ‘ranges’. So something that looks like it might be £250,000 could really be £275,000 dpending on a) what the potential buyer thinks it is worth and b) what the vendor will hold out for.

We saw the first at 10:30 and the last at 15:00. We could barely speak for lack of food, talking, thinking, and just dealing with the dozens of other viewers. A snack, some reflection and an offer went in. You can bet your bottom dollar it won’t be accepted – despite being ‘in the range’.

I am exhausted. Time now to finish a 3000 word essay, start a second one and wait for a reaction.

Will keep you posted.



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