Waiting to exhale


Four amazing weeks in theatres, wearing scrubs, a hat, clogs, learning, helping, DOING, it was a blast. They liked me, I liked them. They have offered me work and I think theatres may be my direction. Who would have known? Not me.

Day to day the nerves are frayed though. The flat is under offer and according to the man in Paradise I am not moving fast enough on my side of the deal. I am so stressed about this move, excited too, but am not underestimating how big a thing it is to chose a new home.

Six days with no break and only now can I start to look at houses and do some paperwork. Friends have told me not to be bullied. Interesting concept. He is bullying regardless.

For a man who wants to ‘have a good relationship’ with my girls, he yet again shows his true colours in disputing whether or not he can sign a bloody form for them to be able to get a bit more financial support from student finance. Friendship his way, on his terms, when he feels like it.

Been working on this to wind down at night, berryberryblue baby blanket…nearly there.





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