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Hard graft


The ward I usually work on was closed due to an infection, that meant no new admissions and so other wards were taking these on. Some of us were moved to help with their workload. It seemed quiet at first but we got word that at 4 pm we would be getting four admissions from Recovery, (post surgical patients).

Admitting someone (where I work), involves going to Recovery, meeting the patient and nurses looking after them, getting the hand over, (what procedure, anaesthesia, meds, details about their vital signs, inspecting the wound site, etc). Then with or without oxygen in place we wheel them back to the ward and begin monitoring them at 5, 10 or 15 minute intervals, making sure they have no pain, fetch water, socks, order a meal if necessary, in fact anything they need. Simultaneously we complete reams of paperwork about them and for the duration of their stay. We start recording fluid intake and output, pain scores, comfort scores, bowel movements, vomiting (if these things happen). We make sure their details are in the system for the shift handover, confirm their meds and other clinical issues. We look constantly for signs of trouble, fever, disorientation, change in heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels. With one patient, one nurse and one student this is very doable. With four patients, arriving over a short period it is bloody hard work. But in all of this, we have the patient, the banter, the reassuring, the getting to know them, the hands on care, the kind voice, giving them space to feel their fears, pain, and sometimes loneliness.

By the time we got number three settled last night we were due to handover to the night shift, but we had one more. Off we went to recovery and I have to say that my nurse mentor and I had it down pat. Like a well oiled machine we got the patient settled, happy, comfortable and documented in a flash. It was exhilarating and satisfying. we even had a ‘high five’ about our team work.

But it got me thinking, under normal circumstances there would be no student and ONE nurse would do all that. Of course, colleagues help, but by that time of night people are tending to their own patients just before handover….

It is a tough job, and so far I love it. But I felt tired in every bone in my body last night. Tired and proud and happy.





But not sure if that is worse than losing out altogether as now begins the gruelling dance of solicitors, surveys, terms of sale as well as getting He who lives in Paradise to cough up his share – he has been too busy of late to really deal with anything.

One solicitor is on holiday too for a week. Really? How inconsiderate!! (I am not serious, we all need and deserve a break, but right now when I am in such a state?)

New placement is nice, surgical ward, but very heavy on medical patients. A great team and loads of support for students. I did a night shift at the weekend and helped perform last offices – I find it a priveledge.

We are hurtling towards the deadline for the final essay (2nd June) and I started it today…it flows better though than the last challenge. In five short weeks it will be over apart from 100 hours of approved self study and a portfolio to update. Phew.




Out bid…


by almost £15,000…yes folks that much. They are having a laugh. But it was not meant to be. My offer was genuine and realistic and my buying position is strong, (no mortgage needed).

A new one was listed at 7am this morning and I am going to see it at 7 pm this evening. My strategy has to change, maybe, we’ll see. This one ticks all but one box, (downstairs loo) but this is not my forever home, or shall we say my dream home, but it would work.

7th viewing. Wonder how many more there will be?

A house is not a home…


so they say. Today I looked at FIVE of them with my Little Irish Friend. It’s a mugs game. I have a budget, which means, I have a budget. However, houses don’t have prices, they have ‘ranges’. So something that looks like it might be £250,000 could really be £275,000 dpending on a) what the potential buyer thinks it is worth and b) what the vendor will hold out for.

We saw the first at 10:30 and the last at 15:00. We could barely speak for lack of food, talking, thinking, and just dealing with the dozens of other viewers. A snack, some reflection and an offer went in. You can bet your bottom dollar it won’t be accepted – despite being ‘in the range’.

I am exhausted. Time now to finish a 3000 word essay, start a second one and wait for a reaction.

Will keep you posted.


Waiting to exhale


Four amazing weeks in theatres, wearing scrubs, a hat, clogs, learning, helping, DOING, it was a blast. They liked me, I liked them. They have offered me work and I think theatres may be my direction. Who would have known? Not me.

Day to day the nerves are frayed though. The flat is under offer and according to the man in Paradise I am not moving fast enough on my side of the deal. I am so stressed about this move, excited too, but am not underestimating how big a thing it is to chose a new home.

Six days with no break and only now can I start to look at houses and do some paperwork. Friends have told me not to be bullied. Interesting concept. He is bullying regardless.

For a man who wants to ‘have a good relationship’ with my girls, he yet again shows his true colours in disputing whether or not he can sign a bloody form for them to be able to get a bit more financial support from student finance. Friendship his way, on his terms, when he feels like it.

Been working on this to wind down at night, berryberryblue baby blanket…nearly there.