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Finding it hard to write at the moment. Much angst here over youngest (on my part). It is nerve wracking to open the front door and not have any idea what mood or state she might be in. It is taking huge amounts of energy to be supportive and kind and to let her know that she is safe. Sometimes I want to cry, but she does not see that. That happens in the field when the dog is being walked.

She goes back tomorrow and admits to worrying that she will not cope. It lies within her to do so and she has good support up there from the counselling team so all I can do is be here if she needs me.

My parents left their lovely home yesterday and I actually do not know where there are. They are safe for sure, as brother has been doing all sorts of amazing things and they move into their rental home on Wednesday. Youngest sister is on her way to be with them this week, but it was such a sad day yesterday, thinking about them leaving that house that they loved, that we all loved.

Placement has been great however, a real high, and the hours are so civilised. I am home by 5pm! I have been with the anaesthetists this week and have been able to assist and to observe some amazing procedures. Next week I am with the scrub nurses.

We finished early today so youngest and I had a pedicure. So needed and so welcome. Being on my feet as much as I am, it is such a treat. (And her runners feet did too!).

We watched the tail end of the Grand National and I had had a flutter and know that there is something to collect because I had the Last Samurai – two ways….

Tonight my challenge is to submit this essay that has plagued me for weeks and start on the next one…..











Hooky time


Boy have I struggled with the recent essay – it just wouldn’t happen. I spent days and days on it. Even now it is a sort of limp incoherent mess of ideas but at least all angles have been covered and it just needs serious editing and tweaking…

To console myself I have been using up yarn from my stash to make a baby blanket. It has been a challenge as I do not do colour all that well. I don’t seem to have the knack of combining hues harmoniously, they tend to jar and then I abandon everything.

This time the palette is pinks and purples (not my favs but there are a lot of these colours in my stash). The foundation row is too harsh, but the rest is beginning to work. In fact it has been a good exercise for me and given what I have to work with, is turning out better than I hoped.

I call it the Berry Berry Blue blanket. A picture will be added soon.