Sock it to me


For so long I have supressed my love of making things so that I can focus on nursing.Youngest daughter still has an unfinished crochet blanket (that she was meant to take to uni with her…) and this week I sewed in all the ends and started the border. I hope she can take it back after Easter.

I also fell in love with this  blog  and have stared on my first pair. I could not, could not, could not match the yarn. The kitchen was literally festooned with sock yarn last night while trying to find two bits that match….I know my socks will be wonky, but this is the first attempt and they will be hidden in shoes much of the time.

Making things is therapeutic, rhythmic, soothing and crochet, especially for me ,is zen like. I just do it and don’t worry about anything while going through the motions.

Socks require deep thought, but that is healthy too, it challenges the brain.

So, with a little outlet for my creative side and a very long walk under our belts this morning, the day is feeling good.


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