Very sad and worrying news from Australia. The treatment is not doing what was hoped for Dad’s bladder cancer and there is talk of more surgery. On top of that, they have finally put the house on the market and have an offer. They do not however have a place to go to, and to them the choice all hinges on the outcome of the next few consultations.

I want to be at home. I want to help them pack up that house. It is a huge wrench for them, but they have realised that they can no longer manage. I just want to SEE them.

But, we are talking regularly as are all siblings and the two in Oz are planning imminent visits.

As my parents aged, I knew the geographical distance would really be hard to cope with. Have decided to get home as soon as possible.



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  1. So sorry to read the latest news about your dad. I don’t blame you for wanting to be closer and I’m sure both your parents would appreciate it too. Would a break at this time have any serious ramifications on your nursing studies?

  2. It is so difficult! And heart wrenching. And it doesn’t get any easier:( Many times I wished I had just moved back especially after the earthquake. My Mum lived alone for 21yrs but never pressured me to live closer – she was good that way. I helped as much as I could from here – and we went to help her yearly) and she was grateful. It is good your parents still have each other and you have other siblings willing to pitch in. xo

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