History repeats…..embarrassingly


While trawling the ‘net for bits that I have written over the years, to stick in a portfolio of sorts, this article appeared. Awkward!! . That was 10 years ago….The photo is really dodgy, that bouffant hair was the creation of a ‘stylist’ that the magazine sent me to. It bobbed up and down when I walked!

Interesting that in those days it was all about getting back out there and if I were to write the story now? Completely different, I can tell you.





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  1. Actually – I think you look stunning in that photo – fabulous at 40!!
    If you need some other things you wrote…I still have a collection of your letters from before then!! Really – I do! – always thought you’d be a writer (book titled: Letters from Liz;)…if you ever want to read them I’ll send them over. xo

    • Wow Karen, all those years ago…I doubt if there is a book in me (as in a novel) but I do like writing and am looking in to doing a bit more, both academic and non-academic…..time will tell. (And it is taking a LONG time!!)
      And thank you for the compliment! xx

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