Savouring the week


Sometimes it is easy to be so caught up in doing things that one forgets to actually experience the moment.

This week has been like that, a rushed, intense swirl of study and shifts and a little socialising.

The exam essay questions were the ones I had hoped for but, in the allotted time, I felt rushed and in one area, underprepared. I came out with a stiff neck and was so wired had trouble sleeping! But it is over.

Three long shifts saw my mentor(s) increasingly allowing me to dress wounds alone and the whole team in turn took time out to show me how to put up IVs and draw up drugs and be part of anything that would enhance my training. The placement finished yesterday and I was genuinely sorry. I even got a hug from Sister!!

It was snowing on the walk home last night and everything is white this morning. I love snow and plan to get the wellies on and take the dog out in it later.

On Friday night a few friends arranged a meal in a local pub (alcohol free for moi) and it was so much fun. It has been a while since I have been out!! It reminded me that I have some lovely folk in my life.

Another lovely one took the dog for two nights as I worry so much about her being alone for so long and the dog walker is on holiday…..

Things in Australia are better, with my father sounding really perky now that he is home and the catheter out. We had a long talk this morning.

I managed to make my lunch every day and spend very little. I did however bid on a coat on ebay and won it at 50% of the retail price. But I NEED a warm coat. Daughter raided my wardrobe and took mine back to uni with her….it is colder up there, but I was feeling very nippy this week in my ultra light down.

Mr Moany has sent the odd nagging message from paradise (and another member of his family has cut me), but it is easier now to wait and think before responding, if in fact I do.  I am managing the emotions a lot better.

I have been living like a bear in a cave, and it is time to let air in, light in, clear the study papers and clear more out of the house…..yay!








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