Winter Solstice


Love it, just love it. Despite the howling wind and rain. From now the days get longer and I like that it happens before Christmas and New Year. It feels more of a new beginning than both of them to me.

A new haircut today. I have a fringe, or bangs, (what a weird word!) now.

A neighbour dropped off a Christmas card and I dragged her in for a glass of wine.

The boyfriend of one of the girls arrived yesterday and has spent most of his time feeling ill and sleeping….hoping he perks up a bit tomorrow.

Both girls are well and so lovely. Em is being taught by BRIAN COX this semester. She confides that he is brilliant but waffles!

Big, big step in that tonight was my last session with the counsellor… call. Have only been meeting every few weeks over the break up, but it has helped enormously.

If when old Billy Bunter rocks up on Thursday morning from his tropical paradise en route to his mother’s, he starts moaning and complaining and commenting, that is absolutely fine with me. Bring it on. He does not live here any more. I do.

Time he moved on.







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