Festive fare


At this time of the year we often stuff ourselves with ‘treats’ in the build up to Christmas and with food reserved for the big day…consuming booze and basically anything that we can get away with having in the name of the season….

Today at the local, four of us had ‘Christmas Lunch’. A chicken and avocado wrap, chips and a G&T for £4.99 for me!! I am a true Bah Humbug! sort. Yes we have a little tree, yes one or two get cards, yes, the girls get gifts, usually pajamas and running gear and maybe socks….things they need and will USE, but we do not do fairy lights all over the garden, insane shopping and more and more this time of year serves to remind me of the lonely, cold, hungry, terrified, ill and displaced.

In the pub today an elderly man went down, hard. I went to help him. He was frail and unstable on his pins and had a stick. Fortunately he was on his bottom, no damage done but he was so unsteady when back on his feet, we called for another male customer to get him to the loos, where he was headed. I asked him, after checking he was ok, if he was at the pub with friends and he responded by saying that he had no friends.  He smelt of urine and was obviously having difficulty managing his personal hygiene and it made me realise how hypocritical it is to be ‘giving’ at Christmas, which amounts to stuff and not giving more all year round in the form of help, support and volunteering.

The lovely ladies I was with all volunteer, meals on wheels, shopping trips for the elderly and more.  Bless them. The old chap managed to get back to his seat to finish his drink. Bless him too.







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