Catching up


There are many jobs that need doing around the house and it is a constant catching up exercise at the moment. Hard to think that this time last week I was heading for the ferry in Calais.

Since then my dad has been rushed into hospital by ambulance. Happily, he is out and well and recovering and my sister is going to stay with him and mum for a week from tomorrow. I wish they were all not so far away.

I have also had four 12.5 shifts in a hospital about 2 hours from home by train.

I have seen a carotid endarterectomy – the removal of the portion of inner lining of the carotid artery that is partially blocked….I was with the patient from admission to recovery and the anaesthetist talked me through the whole op. The patient was awake, but of course felt nothing.

I have seen a endoscopy performed. The gut is like another world.

I have held hands, laughed, fetched bedpans, made beds, measured and tested urine, escorted a confused and wandering patient back to their ward, taken obs, watched dressings on ulcers being done and met a bunch of people who while doing their work, took time to answer questions, teach, correct and encourage.

Now I need to turn all that into skills and knowledge so that I can be the best nurse I can. That is the hard part. At times I worry and feel anxious and then realise that just about everything I do and see is a new experience so if it was all taken in my stride it would probably indicate complacency.

This week I have also worked hard on establishing barriers with the ex. He was not happy that I suggested his demands for me to answer his questions were not urgent – they aren’t and only become relevant once I move out. When there was time and I was ready, I wrote the email and answered the questions.  His emails seem needy and he claims it is all such a huge struggle, but this belies the FB activity, so to cynical me it is a ploy to kindle sympathy and bolster him up. This I have not done.

Another very good bit of news is that Juno the Jack Russell (best wee dog ever) has met and fallen in love with her new doggie walker. It has been so stressful leaving her on the long days. I take her out the minute I get home, if it is not raining, and walk her as much as I can when I am off. Previously we only did the fields, but now we are doing town as well and she comes to the bank and other places (which she HATES). She stands whining really loudly or jumps as high as the counter to show she is ready to go NOW! If it has no appeal to her, she lets everyone know.

It is an expense, but to me, worth every penny to have her exercised, socialised and to break up the long days alone.

I have been making packed lunches and avoiding spends, like not one bought coffee all week, although there are some. Best frugal effort of the week was making a soda farle when the bread ran out….frugal yes, lead like also. OMG, if dropped from a plane it would wipe out an entire city!! But, I sliced and toasted it…but definitely needs work!

Have a good Sunday folks. Dog walking, streamlining and study on my list today.







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