What a difference a day makes


Thank you for the comments on the last post. It is a learning curve and patterns are hard to break but they must be broken. Also, I need to man up!

The run to Ath in Belgium where I am for a four days, was only interrupted by a heavy police/military presence on the French/Belgian border.

It is always good to see Francoise, who is a bit like a mum to me. She is living in a new, modern flat with many of her treasured pieces of furniture from her old home, a converted barn in the country. This place has no garden but is warm, sunny and brilliantly located for shops, the hospital and town. She is after all 81 and is still racing (I kid you not) around in her little car.

You have heard of white water rafting? Well, we call a day in the car with F white knuckle driving. My sister claims she nearly threw herself from the car on the motorway once as it seemed a less terrifying thing to do than sit in that vehicle!!

Regardless, we have been all over, charity shops, chocolate shops, interiors, bric a brac, and we are out for dinner tonight and then going to Antwerp tomorrow….

Last night, after a fabulous meal, I opened my emails and lo! there was a whiny message from the West….my solicitor had said be general in my response and do not cover only money matters. He ignored ALL of it and whinged on. It got to me, but only for a minute or two. I put the emails away, had a long hot soak in the bath, chatted to my lovely friend and went to bed and had the best night’s sleep in months.

The bed belonged to Francoise’s mother and has a wool mattress. It literally engulfs you and I felt so different this morning.

Rested, happy, fortunate and excited and more brave.







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