Half a day lost


Not really lost, just me lost in the land of nod.

Yesterday, I moved a lot of stuff around and washed down the desk that he had been using in the room I sleep in (very complex musical rooms in this place for the last few years).  Most of my nursing texts and current notes etc. are in place now. The notice board is here too and needs a hook to hang it on.

More bits moved into the growing pile in the conservatory that he will put into storage and more pieces for the charity shop.

I walked into town and met with two friends, one en route and one for lunch. Then walked to Aldi (woohoo – been a die hard fan for YEARS) and shopped for myself. It was all stuffed into a backpack and other bags and I tottered home under the weight of it. It was heavy because our turkey crown for Christmas was in there too…..proud because I did not use the car, got the exercise, bought only healthy food and all within my budget.

Cooking for one is simple, I just cook for two and the remainder gets frozen for another ready made meal for days when I am home late. Last night was an vegetable/mozzarella bake…

One episode of The Bridge later (I love the Saga character), and I was at the desk tackling the pathophysiology of asthma, all good.

But, I am tired, body, mind and soul tired. I miss my girls and worry about their young lives. I miss my family and some of my faraway friends and crave a break.

So, I took a sleeping tablet at bedtime. I slept on and off for about 14 hours and felt sluggish and slow when I did get up.

The wind is gale force here, but in order to sharpen up, the dog and I headed down the bridle path. It spooked her at times but there is nothing nicer than wind that snatches your breath and makes your hair stand on end.

So I may have lost half a day, but am probably in a better place for it.

It is all about learning to take care of oneself……






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