Focus pocus


unnamed[1]This day started with a run, some weight exercises for the old bingo wings and some lunges (with weights as well) in the gym with my cool, fit friend LE. All that hard work was followed by scrambled egg and mushrooms on toast with a cuppa in the café…mmmm

The plan was to work on the essay…essays loom on the horizon here for months, until the buggers are due and there they are, on the doorstep, demanding to be written and submitted on time.

With good intentions to get ahead, we found ourselves in the library, surrounded by relevant articles, highlighter pens, coffee, coconut macaroons (sigh) and for me a total writer’s block. What is it that I can, in my head, talk through the idea but cannot get it onto the page?

Part of it is worry that it is not academic or polished enough, that the question is not being answered, that I am on the wrong track and a myriad of other niggles.

I need to have more faith and more focus. So, here I go again. In the meantime, enjoy a little corner of the library ceiling, which was once a ballroom….

PS. No major blowouts about the finer points of the agreement. 6 days and counting.

PPS. Me and my big typing fingers pressed publish too soon! The notorious ‘my mate, the solicitor’ has had his paws on it and has ‘suggested a few changes’. This is the bloody thing we agreed on. Why do they have to fiddle? I am not happy at all and was told that it was to HELP ME that all this is being done. Frustratingly there were tears on my part. Can we just move forward and not have all this crap, pleeeease?





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