Bit of a wobbly week, so far. Some of the old gloom is back and a sense of dread. Today I took the edited version of the consent to end the marriage to the solicitors. He has not seen it yet, but will tomorrow. I worry that it will cause more kicking off and finger pointing and boy does that make me edgy.

In less than two weeks (fingers crossed) it will be done and dusted. Bring it on. It is like living on a knife edge at times.

Feelings of hurt abound as well. Same old reasons as before, but I found a photo of me, still in its frame, in the wastepaper basket when I emptied it this morning….I have not been as thoughtless in my removal of personal items.

BUT there is always good stuff going on – my youngest sister is 50 today and has been putting up some colourful stuff on FB…bless! Mum will pale a little no doubt when she reads it!

I have been running twice this week and am booked in again for Friday. Beginning to love it. Over 3 ks now at any one time and feel proud. My ‘splits’ are getting shorter too.

Tonight is BookClub which is more about the wine and gossip, and my first attendance for months. Not drinking, but regardless, it is always a laugh.  Friends really make life ok.

Blogging helps too, started off all flat and now am ready to tackle my admin chore list.

Have a happy, blowy day out there x


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