Thoughts on recent news and the weekend


While plodding away in the hotel room with the odd peek at the news etc. on my mobile, the news about the attacks in Paris started pouring in. On went the TV and as I did for 9/11 I watched for a few hours while people everywhere tried to make sense of what was going on. During the night I kept checking and then texted my sister in Sydney. She was up in the wee hours tidying after a late night and we agreed on the horror.

The following morning on the train (via Gatwick) the news came through that the North Terminal was closed and someone was subsequently arrested there, disrupting, for their own safety, the travel plans of thousands for hours.

In a very wet London the streets were heaving. Apparently it was the Lord Mayor’s Show, which I was unaware of. But there was a marked police presence and many police vans parked in side streets. I did what I went to do in certain shops and made my way to China Town, to Jen Cafe, my fave for dumplings and noodles. I had not eaten all day and relished the meal.

To get out of the rain I went to the Curzon Cinema and saw The Lobster. It was clever, the dialogue so stilted, the people with so few expectations, and it left an uneasy feeling, which is good!

Back to the hotel room and time to reflect. These are my opinions so here goes.

Despite the brutal loss of life in Paris, one wonders why we do not also react similarly to the losses that take place daily in Syria, in Beirut and in many other parts of the world. There seems to be a sense of outrage that someone else’s war has come to Europe. My heart goes out to those who suffered and those left behind, but it also goes out to the people on flimsy boats in icy seas risking death to get to safety. Is it safety or is whatever fate waits better than where they are from? And what about the millions of displaced people in camps and those still arriving who and who face a bitter winter with few supplies.

And then there are in this country our own homeless, lonely, isolated, hungry people.

I think we need to start at home, give to local food banks, donate decent warm clothes and blankets, recycle our glasses, do not waste what we have, appreciate it.

I am thankful for the time I had alone, it gave me the opportunity to think about many things. I am grateful for my life.


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