Are you savvy?


On the long drive home on the M25 today I listened to BBC Radio 4’s Money Box about Cohabiting and the legal/financial pitfalls of having a home, children, business etc if one is NOT married and that relationship breaks down. It seems that the cohabitors of this land have very few of the rights afforded their married friends and family.

One of the panel was Sarah Pennell, founder of the SavvyWoman website, which is about money issues for women. How cool is that? Fortunately the snazzy name meant I could remember it and I have had a look, and like it.

I will be 55 in a few short weeks and have almost no UK pension and his nibs ain’t sharing a penny of his, despite our decade together…..SO I need to be a lot more savvy about what I do with any money that comes my way.

This sort of site, along with which I have been a big fan and member of for YEARS, provide a lot of good information (disclaimer of course that they do not provide ADVICE). We could all do with understanding our finances better. The thing about the SavvyWoman site is that it is for women and therefore seems more appealing.

Over the next months there are going to be huge financial adjustments to be made and I am pretty scared but it is good to know that I am a good saver, thrifty and there is a ton of information available. Fingers crossed I don’t stuff it up!


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