No Prizes for originality….


Back to the drawing board, the blog name drawing board that is. Seems that ‘a table for one’ is well used and its all about single women, single meals and dating…no thank you, to that last one.

The thinking cap is on and name ideas are fermenting away.

The low moods have been tough. I found myself weeping over my toast out of the blue the other day. A friend who has been through the same told me she too cried a lot. It is part of parting. It is still part of it even though I want to do the parting.

I have felt the need to take myself out of the house as much as possible and that can be quite tiring as well as unsettling. To be fair, much of the outside time has been in one local library or another and even the uni library as there is work to be done. However being displaced is not pleasant.

Meals are sometimes cooked when I get back, although more often than not they are started and I finish them. There is always an invitation to watch something on TV together.  I get to hear all about the next instalment on the move, his accommodation, who he will be rubbing shoulders with etc. I don’t really care to be frank. He made the choice to go and has therefore created a huge task in getting ready, getting this place ready to let out and when he sighs and says how stressed he is I get frustrated. Particularly as the constant packing and moving is done by me. As we near the deadline there are cupboards full of his things and I suspect I will be left to deal with them.

It was requested that I take myself off for two nights next week so he can have a farewell boys weekend. I have just booked myself into a local hotel that has a pool and gym and is walking distance from a station so I can head up to London one day…nice one!

The week after he leaves I hope to go to Belgium for a few nights to stay with a dear elderly friend.  All positive things.


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