A change in name


I changed the name of this blog because I am becoming a one, a single, an individual who is no longer part of a pair. On Saturday he went off to see the Rugby World Cup final with a friend, a lady friend. He admitted that he had been hiding the fact just before he left the house…there was no need to mention it at all really, and it stung to hear. Maybe it does the first time they go off with someone else, who knows, it was a new feeling to me and it was not a great moment.

After some weepy wallowing I tossed doglet into the car and we headed to the coast. Good call. It was warm and sunny and the smell of the sea, the clink and crunch of the pebbly beach and the music and people milling about soothed me. I realised that this sort of solo outing will play a big part in my future and it is not a bad thing.

If we cannot be happy in our own company then there is a problem. With the dog to hang out with, some chips with vinegar and a spontaneous face time session with a sister in Darwin, Australia, who was up in the wee hours there to watch the match, the afternoon was really pleasant.

My younger self would not have ventured far alone and would have been embarrassed or even a little ashamed about it.


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