Over doing it a bit – woops


The title may sound fatuous but it is meant well. The previous post has been edited to remove some of the personal info it had contained.

A long meeting with the solicitor this morning was eye opening, lovely as she seemed, I had been warned that they are sort of programmed to fight one’s corner even if a fight is not what is wanted. It was made clear that the bits mentioned in the previous post were the bits that needed dealing with.

We agreed a way of handling the proposal in which both parties would benefit and I was sent off to discuss it.

A brief detour to see a friend’s new born and 5 year old son, where much playing with Lego and dandling the baby went on. A lovely way to spend a few hours.

Back to discuss the outcome of the meeting and the result was total meltdown. BUT, there are meltdowns and there are meltdowns and for my part, this one lead to something positive. Not either of us getting more or winning a point, but being able to sit together and discuss the settlement, to acknowledge the loss and even to have a laugh. He had been offered a ticket to the Rugby World Cup final on Saturday at Twickenham. He was desperate to take it, but for the price. How often does one get such a chance? I said to take it, but just to make sure he left a bit in the account for me to buy my new home…we both had a giggle at that and he said it was on the tip of his tongue to say the same thing.

Why do we fall in love? A lot of the time it is because someone makes us laugh. It was nice to have a laugh after all we had been through.

PS: As much as I want Australia to win, I think NZ will do it….


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