feeling it


Two very special, kind women commented on my naval gazing posts with words of encouragement and support. Thank you both. I know some lovely, lovely people, my California designer friend and the very talented Mrs G.

I may have let a bit too much hang out – so sorry about that, but in a way it was good to get it off my chest. I have told the dog, but she doesn’t talk back, so writing it down is the next best thing.

My sister sent me a meditation mantra today as well and I have been repeating it. Apparently the idea is to say it as often as you can, I got a bit distracted after about 10 repeats, but will have another go before bedtime.

I have vowed not to look at Facebook for a while. It does not help to know what some folk are up to. I can still see my own timeline and messages without poking about on the home page!

As low as my mood got this week and as grim as things seemed, it was always in my mind that this is all part of the process and that it will change and get better. It is just such a bloody awful process!

Tomorrow is the end of the District Nursing placement. It is a brilliant area and I have been in Leg Ulcer clinics and am quite nifty with bandaging now…..with the Rapid Response Team, the Diabetes team and tomorrow I will be in the Sexual Health Clinic. It will be nice not to have the drive and to focus a bit more on the academic side as exams and essays are looming.

Thank you ladies xx


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