Pebble beach


Pevensey is pebbly, like most beaches in the South of England. It is probably one of the cleanest beaches I have been on in the area, with very little in the way of plastic waste, at least where I was walking.


It has, like many southern beaches, groynes, which are in place to limit movement of (in this part of the world) pebbles. The groynes at Pevensey are particularly worn and for that reason, rather lovely to look at and touch.


But beyond the groins, and horizontal to them, I found these wooden, peg like spikes. They are right at the low tide mark and because they are wet, look like stones. The waves wash over them and on the ebb tide (going out), pebbles are caught between them.


Google did not really come up with an explanation for them, but the local Council seem to have put word out that they were, in WWII, somehow defence related. I had imagined that they had been planted there by human hands to mark some ritual or attempt to control the elements.

It was a nice walk, and next time I am aiming for some of the local castles. Big expectations, as this is 1066 country!


Discovery walks


The long weekend’s good weather is upon us again today and a solo walk is on the agenda later.

We spent the weekend working, the WC painting inside and me outside mostly. Bedding was aired in the sun. Lots of fresh dry washing was brought in from the line. The outdoor furniture was used a lot, with many meals and the odd drink enjoyed al fresco. (That might be the other way round actually…). The garden gained a few more plants. I am becoming braver in positioning them and have daringly moved away from a predominately blue theme to include ….. PINK ……Seeds were planted too and today the first echinacea sprouted.

The wisteria really started to look and smell gorgeous. The clematis is in full showy bloom with the first few rose buds peeping through it. Clumps of irises and a lilac tree are about to burst into flower and the place is alive with birds and bugs.

The WC went back to work, but I had another day off, so Juno and I did a walk from Birling Gap towards Beachy Head, after she ran all the way down the stairs from the lookout onto the beach first….She loves the beach and will get into the water. It was such a beautiful day but for the first time in ages there was no pressure to be anywhere soon and the pure luxury of having time to really take in the sights and sounds and have me and doglet time was wonderful.

As I have yet to start running (got the shoes now and am wearing them at work – so comfy), or to find a local yoga class, walking has become the exercise of choice.

Today I am heading to Pevensey. I was there for a meal with friends recently and had no idea that the little town is RIGHT ON the shore. So I am going to have a nose around today and get my fix of sea breezes and smells.

I am loving these discoveries about my new home. Really looking forward to showing people around later in the year!


Time for a change?


I am no longer the woman living in a run down terrace house with an old cat and two dogs. I live in a house that is a WIP with another adult human and a part-time dog.  I do not see enough of Juno at present, only because we do not have a dog flap yet and she needs to be able to come and go as she pleases while we are out. Once that is rectified, the plan is to have her more. I miss her enormously.

I am no longer a student, I am an A&E nurse, albeit a new one. My girls have made big decisions and changes to their lives. Youngest in currently managing a significant change to hers and very well, too. Oldest loves Tokyo life so much I hardly ever hear from her!!

So I am thinking of changing the blog title to reflect some of this and to bring us all into the present. Here are two shots. The woodpile to the left is the where the robins nested. They flew the nest this week and the parents have had a busy time keeping an eye on all four of them as they learn about the garden and beyond.

IMG_3842This is our own Green Man, Man of the Wood, whatever you know him as. A pagan symbol for nature and the seasons. (Also a handy bottle opener in case a great thirst comes upon a person near by).


The wisteria is about to burst open, as is the clematis and rose buds all over the place. When they do I will put some pictures up. In the meantime I am thinking about a new blog title.

Have a happy day people. x

Very broody


Yes, I have started in A&E and love it so far, (two days…lol), because it is a never ending parade of life really. Good, bad, scary, sad, very funny and rewarding. But that is not the big news.

We have babies!

Four little, fluffy, robin chicks living in the woodpile. For some time now the male robin has been haunting our movements (especially digging related ones), and flashing down to grab a worm or other treat. While at the sink one day I noticed the adult pair flying from the fence to the woodpile and wondered. Loathe to disturb I had look from a distance but could see nothing.

The WC decided to move the woodpile a few days ago and discovered, hunkered down in a neat little nest some skin with fuzz on blobs. I had forgotten to tell him. We were so worried and hurriedly reassembled the pile as carefully as we could and watched to see if the parents would come back. They did and the babies are more fluffy now and will soon be hanging over the edge of the nest.

I adore robins, most birds in fact. The marabou stork (pictured) doesn’t really do it for me though. Childhood memories of them striding a bit too close for comfort at times. Scary when you are smaller than them! Now we put meal worms out for the robins and blackbirds and have noticed a new blackbird pair nesting in one of the topiary laurels. We are doing all we can to keep fresh water available and plant bird and bee loving plants. It is wonderful. 512px-Marabou_Stork_(Leptoptilos_crumeniferus).jpg (512×410)

Blogging in the garden.


I am sitting in the garden on a glorious spring evening listening to the birds and catching glimpses of the smaller ones that flit around me. There are bird feeders out and the blackbirds have babies so this is a busy spot. Blossoms are about to burst open, there are fat bumble bees, a cooing pigeon and voices of people out in their gardens enjoying this weather. It is wonderful.

Tomorrow is the last day of induction for the new A&E job and it has been a fab week. The people on the course are so diverse; nationalities, experience, age we have it all. It has been great fun and I feel as if I have learnt a lot. On top of that, I have my uniform, badges, log on for three of the computer systems, A KEY for MY OWN LOCKER….the rota for the next four weeks and have met most of the team. It is so unlike the experience at the first trust.

I am living out of a suitcase though, and have nowhere to put anything. It is teaching me to be organised and that yes, I can manage with only a few clothes.

My house has had some interest but no offers. Not surprising really, but it is early days.

Youngest may come to visit this weekend. It seems a change of career path is on the cards. She needs to know that it is OK to change one’s mind. There is so much pressure to rush into things. Some people just need more time to find what makes them sing.

The WC tells me he is happy that I am living here. I am too.

Quick update


Painting all done. Much was learned about technique from the WC. It is no wonder it always took me a week to paint a wall!!

It looks fresher. That’s about as good as it gets with a rotten carpet and dodgy bathroom. But it is CLEAN. The steam cleaner has blasted every cm of wall in the bathroom and loo. Kitchen cupboards are clean and orderly, surfaces are losing all objects and the tip, charity shop and a friend and her sister have taken on many, many items. It is a bit Konmari in fact. Hanging onto essays from the degree (with rubbish marks even) and other things makes no sense if they are not used. Letting go actually felt kind in a way. Certainly kind to myself. Seriously it is freeing me up. My soul feels lighter.

The wonderful WC dropped in on his way home from work today to cut the grass. He not only did that, he weeded my patch and flower pots and put all the leaves in bags. It looks great. I was not here. I was getting the white dyed out of my hair in prep for my new job. Start younger and fresher looking is my moto. I will be haggard in no time!

It has been a frantic week. Three days of induction followed by a long shift on a surgical ward. I love that I have been at my old Trust for so long. Folk stop to ask what role I play on any given day. RN is the best and the one of which I am most proud.

But the new, real, full-time job starts on Monday with a week long induction. The plan is to return to my old trust to do bank shifts and learn what I can about the care of plastic surgery/cancer treatments.

As ever, life is hectic. But as ever I count my blessings. Just hope that someone feels that my home could become theirs…..

Have a great weekend folk and for those in the UK…may the sun start shining, SOON.



It is all happening


I LOVE Friday mornings as some of my a favourite life and craft (yarny especially) bloggers update their posts around the end of the week and it is great to catch up. I am alway in awe of the amazing work, patience, creativity, mindfulness and zest for life that people have. Inspired so often, but alas a bit slow to emulate them!

I did start a CAL based on the one at Coastal Crochet but after round 4, went into a sort of panic as I CANNOT yet DO RANDOM COLOURS…although I wanted to reduce the yarn stash. Anyway it was while I was supposed to be not doing new stuff, so it was frogged and I learnt something about myself. (Impulsive, impatient but rather staid!!).

Enough about that.

I learnt this week that Less is (definitely) More. The Agent came to view the house to advise me on whether to sell or rent. He was here a loooong time. He arrived with a huge fancy camera and my heart sank…This is despite the fact that the house looked streamlined, restful and spotless. The sun was shining too, which helped. After some discussion, I was still in two minds about what to do and wanted to talk to the voice of reason (the WC) when the Agent popped off the lens cover and went into director mode.

Are you going to take photos now?, I asked.

May as well, he said. Whether you rent or sell we can use them.

He then positioned himself in the doorway of the living room and said

You will have to get rid of some of this clutter.

What clutter?, I asked.

This, he said, with a sweeping gesture of his free hand.

Trust me, he said, I used to work for the BBC, I can get a bit carried away with camera shoots.

He then directed me – to be fair – he did help lug the odd bit of furniture around – into removing just about every object from every surface, the rug in the living room and repositioning things for about an hour. I was exhausted. BUT the photos are amazing. I was (still am) very proud of my little house.

By the end I had decided to sell as the list of what needed to be done to rent was growing longer and more costly as we moved around the house.

He then told me it would be up on the website in the morning. Viewings are to be held on one day at the end of next week.

When he left, I cried for my house, my home. But it made sense. I then walked around and realised that without the things he had moved, the place really did look great and although I do not have much, I have always craved less.

After some prosecco and a good night’s sleep. I hit the wardrobes, etc. Bags of things went to charity, the dump, a friend, and there is more to go….

I then started painting and that, dear reader, is what I will be doing this weekend. With the lovely WC. Tarting up the hallway….etc.

Because on Monday I start work at one Trust and will be busy for 4 days….so it has to be done before then.

So, it is all happening.









I should write less, but then how would you find out what’s going on?


Seriously, I get more visitors when I don’t write posts than when I do! Given the billions of blogs out there and the amazing talent of some folk I wonder why I bother really.

Still, it is nice in a way to record life. More photos would be better and maybe that will change now as the camera has batteries (after about a year)…mobile phones have a lot to answer for.

Easter was WET and cold. Doglet and I spent it with the WC. He was working furiously on the downstairs loo area when not golfing and yours truly dug out a huge garden bed under some leylandii trees that have been cut back to the trunk and trimmed flat at the top. They look pretty good and still provide privacy and shelter, have some blackbirds nesting in them and a large expanse of ground beneath them. Research is currently ongoing about what can reasonably and sucessully be planted in part of the bed.

Much cooking took place and we had a hearty mushroom soup one lunch time, whipped up by moi using aging veg and a bit of left over cream. Knitting, reading and damp doggy walks also took place.

There was MUCH angst as well. Tomorrow someone is coming to value my house. As I am going to be over an hour from work (again), the notion has been put forward that this house be sold. I love what this place means to me. It is the first place where I have lived alone and felt so free and happy.

Leaving those feelings will be hard but, as a building it requires work. The choice is to borrow money to put in a new bathroom and kitchen and tart it up to rent it out or to sell, and then buy near my new job where there is more house for one’s money and rent that one. The day after tomorrow I am talking to the bank. Gulp. I do not do debt well.  Then it will be time to ponder and plan.

I am moving in with the WC…….After almost two years we figured it might be worth a shot. I will be closer to work and we have both a healthy respect and understanding for each other’s space. Besides, he is lovely, and the dog agrees. (So do my girls too). I will also have a bolt hole.

Will keep you posted.


Floaters and flashes


In the snow last week I had flashes in my right eye. Thinking there was a snow flake on my eyelashes I did that silly wavy thing that you do when a fly is pestering one. Nothing. It lasted a few minutes and for the rest of the weekend I had an odd headache, coming and going and throbbing hard. Then the eye fuzzed up and it seemed as though I was peering through strands of hair.

Hannah gets migraines, nasty ones, and she thought that was the cause, but it just did not go away, for days. A long, thorough eye test revealed nothing, except that despite my long held belief that my eyesight is really bad, it is actually pretty good and I don’t need glasses to drive. (Figure some little optomotrist somewhere is rubbing their hands with glee over the money made from suckers like me who think they must have glasses…)

Anyhoo, reassured, it was then a waiting game. It took most of the week for the headaches to go and for the floaters to thin out. They are there but the head is fine.

The nice man in the white coat asked me if I had had a tough week! Bless him. Try months sweetheart.

We holed up really. Neither really up to much. Knitting, packing, sorting out mountains of paperwork for our respective new jobs. Some walks, lots of talking.

Today I drop off all my ID info and then we head to see the WC who will have a meal for us.

Feeling increasingly sad that my lovely girl is going soon. But she is in the kitchen packing, radio blaring and is happy.



It has been a long haul. Lots of waiting, phone calls, doubts, cramming, learning, rehearsing and nerves. It all paid off. Today I was offered a job in A&E and I am very happy. Still waiting for clearing but it is so good to know I will be back doing what I love and learning more.

It marks the beginning of a huge change in life as I know it. More on that later.